sorry i haven’t been around, been super busy with work and school, and i have a couple other blogs i run, so i haven’t been catching up with this one, plus it’s hard during the off season. i’ll be around as much as i can, but once the season starts i willlllllllllllllllllllllll be around tons. don’t expect alot this summer, but i definitely will still be posting news and such, especially with tonights draft! can’t wait!

tonight was bittersweet. it’s been a rollercoaster season, and i’m going to miss my habs. can’t wait for them to be back better than ever next year with a new gm and coach. 2012-2013 is the year<3

Yeah it’s frustrating cause’ I know that this team can be so much better, and we expect a lot more out of ourselves than we’re showing tonight. Um, and there’s absolutely no excuse, no blaming, no blaming injuries, blaming coach, or whatever, no, nothing. You know we gotta look to ourselves. Just bottom line, gotta be better.
― Lars Eller (via andwhatasavebyprice)

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